Patient FAQs

Why Ilumina Health?

Have you ever wished you had a physician friend in the area to help you decide which doctor to see? Ilumina is that trusted resource. At Ilumina Health, we are dedicated to making the “doctor’s club” available to everyone. We are built by physicians who believe in the importance of providing every patient with the network of physician referrals that physicians have.


Why get multiple recommendations?

Sometimes the recommendations may overlap, and sometimes they may not. They are another piece of information to help you make a decision about who the best physician is for you.  Sometimes the recommendations may all be for the same person, and sometimes they may all be different. 


How do you ensure that you’re getting information from physicians and not a random person on the internet?

We ask all physicians who register with us to verify their National Provider Identification number. We also verify that our Physician Referrers have active licenses in good standing. 


What other safeguards do you have in place for physician referrals?

We don’t allow physicians to refer themselves or partners with whom they have a financial relationship. We also verify that the recommended physicians are board certified in the specialty requested and have no issues on their medical license.


What if you can’t find any physicians with the parameters I requested?

Then you will receive a full refund. We want our clients to be satisfied. If you’re not for any reason, please contact us.


What if I don’t like a physician who was recommended?

We hope that doesn’t happen, but there will always be cases in which the patient-physician relationship just doesn’t work well. We are happy to run an additional survey for you in this case, though we can’t guarantee the results will be different, or that you’ll be happy with the subsequent physicians. 


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