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From quality incentives to operational metrics, we transform how doctors see data. With deep expertise and understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

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Expertise. Accuracy. Trust.

Medical Record Analysis

For Hospitals

Drive change with accurate, easy to understand provider data

Hospitals need physician buy-in to improve quality metrics, provide physician incentives, and change practice. Ilumina Health gives you data doctors trust.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

For Physicians

Get fair, transparent data you can trust

Ilumina Health validates your metrics with an objective physician-led review process. You get data you can use to change practice and demonstrate your high quality care to patients and hospitals.


Physicians Want Data They Can Trust

Ilumina Health has a passion for getting clear, accurate physician data to the people who need it

I think good doctors really want to know how they stack up.  I know I do.

Plastic Surgeon

I have no idea if my outcomes are good or terrible and it really bothers me.

General Surgeon

They can’t even get right the number of times I print out a discharge summary for my patients. Why should I trust them to report anything complicated?

Primary Care Physician



Sarah Gebauer, MD
Expert on Physician Data

Graduate of Stanford Medical School, UCSF Anesthesiology Residency, Institute for Palliative Medicine Fellowship, and OHSU Clinical Informatics Program

Certified Epic Advanced Physician Builder

Expert on physician data, data definitions, and data governance


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